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Franchise Transformations brings a strong history of successful franchise development and experience to those trying to expand and take their business to the next level with franchising. From sales process development to franchise program development, Franchise Transformations is your partner in expanding into the future.

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There is a lot of exploration to determine if your concept is the right type of business and ready to franchise.  There are many advantages for an entrepreneur to become a franchisee of a concept; proof of the concept, support, and brand recognition, just to name a few.  True as that may be, there are many opportunities to maximize your concept by becoming a franchisor.  The advantages of a franchisor are plenty, if set up properly, it’s an amazing opportunity to spread your brand, maximize revenue, and even increase the value of your existing businesses.

At the beginning of the initial Transformation Process evaluation we’ll discuss the advantages in great detail. One of the main benefits of being a franchisor is being in a position to expand your brand without the outlay of your own capital or increasing your debt service.  This minimizes your risk as the brand expands and creates an additional revenue stream from your franchisees by way of initial franchisee fees, training fees, and royalties.  Chances are this method will allow you to increase the speed of expansion at an increased rate as well.  Opening 10 units is solid growth but having 10 franchisees opening 10 units builds a brand.  This will expedite the value of the actual brand as recognition becomes more widely spread.

Buying a franchise is a complicated decision. The process of finding the franchise concept that is perfect for you can be overwhelming as there are franchise options that cover nearly every possible business idea from doing taxes to education to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Potential buyers are typically looking for the support and tried and true guidance on how to be successful which is much harder to find than just finding a famous brand and writing a check. The decision to make this investment requires an investigation that would make Sherlock Holmes proud and the investigation alone requires an investment of both time and money. To make it in the world of business ownership, buyers need to find something to be passionate about; find something that you’re going to enjoy doing that can bring you not only financial but personal success and satisfaction. Getting into a franchise is a lifestyle decision, each concept provides different lifestyles and finding the perfect fit is key to happiness and longevity as a business owner. But how do you start narrowing down the overwhelming number of opportunities to find the concept that is perfect for you? There are many approaches and you should work through a due diligence process that is meaningful for you. This process is a bit like dating and it takes several dates to learn enough about your potential partner to know if this is the person you want to commit to. Below are some helpful tips to consider when weighing the options of different concepts to find the perfect match.

Before considering buying a franchise or transforming your business into a franchise, let’s first discuss what a franchise actually is.

A privilege granted or sold, such as to use a name or to sell products or services. In its simplest terms, a franchise is a license from the owner of a Trademark or Trade Name permitting another to sell a product or service under that name or mark. More broadly stated, a franchise has evolved into an elaborate agreement under which the franchisee undertakes to conduct a business or sell a product or service in accordance with methods and procedures prescribed by the franchisor, and the franchisor undertakes to assist the franchisee through advertising, promotion, and other advisory services.

The essence of a franchise is in the replication of an idea, method, product, delivery, or service.

The advantage to an entrepreneur of buying a franchise is joining a concept that has already “figured it out”. Having the recipe and ongoing support increases, sometimes drastically, your ability to be successful.

As a franchisor, you need to ask yourself one question: “Is there value to others in duplication the business model that I have created?” If the answer is yes, you may be the perfect candidate to Transform your business into a franchise.

The Transformation Difference

Many factors set consulting firms apart. When selecting the right partner to work in your business, you want to make sure it’s the correct fit much like any personal relationship. Franchise Transformations feels the same way. We focus on compatibility and personal”fit”. We only select clients to bring into the Transformation Process that fit the criteria we have determined are required to set our partners up for success.

We are here for you. What does “you” mean to us and who is this “we” anyways? Franchise Transformations is all about people. We care about you, whoever that may be; you individually, your team, your family. Our mission is to help you grow and achieve your dreams. Our team is compromised of amazing folks with with decades of franchise experience. We have specialists that focus on your specific needs in transforming your company into a successful franchise. We have writers, editors, lawyers, marketing experts, sales and development managers, and advisory experts to meet every need you may have along the way. Our goal is simple, prepare you to meet and exceed your own expectations. This is very real so you need a team with real life franchise experience opposed to those teams that work under franchise theory.

No Two Transformations Are The Same

Your goals and the way we help you achieve them are as unique as you are. The Transformations Process is developed and tailored to your needs. There is no cookie-cutter answer leading to your success so the process starts with listening and learning. Only after fully understanding your goals will the Transformation Process be developed to give you the path to achieve them.

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